There are 3 Android certifications which you are required to pass through Android ATC Certification Exam. They are: –

  • Android Certified Application Developer
  • Android Certified Application Engineer
  • Android Certified Trainer

Android Certified Application Developer

Exam Code: AND – 401

This certification is critical for your Android programming career. It will improve your potential in the ever-growing Android market and move your development career forward.

To become an Android Certified Application Developer you have to pass exam AND-401 which tests your knowledge and experience on topics covered in the course titled “Android Application Development”

Android Certified Application Engineer

Exam Code: AND – 401, AND – 402 & AND – 403

Because there is more into Android market than application development, you can further your career potential and future in the Android market by joining the following the path to become an Android Certified Application Engineer.

To achieve this certification, you need to pass three exams: AND-401, AND-402 and AND-403, which cover Android application development, Android Security Essentials, and Monetizing Android Application respectively.

Android Certified Trainer

Exam Code: AND – 401, AND – 402, AND – 403 & AND – 400

An Android Trainer is someone who has acquired the market-attractive skills of Android development and Android training. Android Certified Trainer is a certification title delivered by Android ATC to any trainee who passes all exam requirements.

To become an Android Certified Trainer, you must first complete the path towards Android Certified Application Engineer by passing three Android ATC exams: AND-401, AND-402, and AND-403. Then, you must pass the “Training Skills for Android ATC Certified Trainer” exam.

Android Certification Paths